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Supporting Families in Poverty with Days Out


Supporting Families in Poverty

In 2022 we will be running multiple ‘not for profit’ trips to support local families take their children on days out.

We feel that all children deserve days out & quality family time.  By providing these days out free of charge we will really help families forget about their financial concerns for a day, improve bonds between child and parent, and create smiles all round.

As a business we will do the following:

  • Donate a percentage of our own profits to this separate dedicated fund.
  • NEVER make profit from these trips.
  • Work with local charities/organisations to identify families who would normally be unable to provide a day out for their family.
  • All trips will include meals meaning that there is a minimal financial requirement on the family.
  • Work with businesses and attractions to get the best deals/donations to support this project.

All donations would be greatly appreciated.


Any business donations of £100+ will receive a mention on all posts relating to this fund for 3 months from date of donation.  Your logo will also be added to this page.

When donating 1 unit = £1.  To donate £5 add 5.


Supporting Families in Poverty take their children on days out.

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