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In 2016 I was looking for a family day out for my Family and I discovered there was very little options that were affordable AND specifically catered for families.
Yes, there was a few options where it was clear families were welcome but no coach operator that specifically said “we will make your day out less stressful with the children” and were also affordable.
I think all parents that have traveled on some form of public transport with their families and have encounter some adults that frown upon their children. Not because they are being naughty, but simply because they are being their playful self.
Family Outings WELCOMES families and children and we will do all we can to make the travel from A to B as stress free as possible for their parents/guardians. We offer free colouring packs, entertainment on board, and a host to help with all your needs.
On top of the great service we also aim to make our trips as affordable as possible by negotiating with destinations and hotels to get the best deal. Please have a look at our great prices here.
We will always be about families!!
In 2018 we also introduced a few festive trips to Christmas Markets which were specifically aimed at the adult market. The truth is that we cannot survive solely on weekends and half term trips so this was important to keep the business alive. These were EXTREMELY successful and we will be developing these trips 2019.
We hope to see you soon!
Adventure Valley
Flamingo Land Resort Yorkshire
Metro Arena Newcastle

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