Destination Guide to Efteling

Efteling Theme Park Resort

31 May 1952 was a joyous day: Efteling officially opened its doors. During the following decades the erstwhile Fairytale Forest grew into a giant World of Wonders. Anton Pieck especially helped to create the enchanting atmosphere which characterises Efteling, and which continues to be cherished and guarded to this day.

Once upon a time…

In the Netherlands, Efteling is often called the ‘Keeper of fairytales’. After all, many fairytales come together in Efteling. The Fairytale Forest is the heart of Efteling; it is the place where fairytales have been coming alive for almost 65 years. In 1952 Efteling started with ten fairytales, and in the meantime there are 29 already! For all new developments in Efteling Theme Park Resort the enchanting core always remains the starting point. Fairytales, sagas, legends and stories continue to form the basis for the attractions.

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