Where to start? With 21,000 animals, in 125 acres of award-winning zoological gardens? With the 1.9 million people who go to visit every year? Or with the many conservation projects they are involved with, at home and abroad?

Chester Zoo work hard because we they animals, they care about nature, and they love Chester Zoo and want to be the BEST conservation charity in the world! 

A message from their Chief Executive Officer

Welcome! If this is your first visit to the Chester Zoo website, or, if you have visited before, then we offer you a warm welcome.

As you will see from this, there is more to Chester Zoo than meets the eye. We may have over 15,000 wonderful animals right here – but we are helping thousands more around the world through our conservation and education activities.

The zoo’s mission is to be a major force in conserving the living world. To this aim we currently care for more than 500 different species in the zoo – about half of which are endangered. Every effort goes into ensuring the highest standards of welfare and the best care is given to all our animals, from the tiny snails to the tall giraffes.

At each habitat there are unique ways of learning about the animals too, by reading, touching and smelling the information panels. By simply observing we can all learn so much more about the animals, their natural habitats and what makes them so special and worth conserving.

But our charitable work extends well beyond the zoo’s perimeter. At home and abroad, we support and conduct over 70 conservation projects and education around the world. We know not everyone can be as hands on as we are, so we’ve created Act for Wildlife, a conservation campaign that gives you the chance to get involved and make a real difference for wildlife conservation around the world.

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